11 mars 2009

Antony And The Johnsons - Kiss My Name (live)

Allez, parce qu'Antony Hegarty a sorti un des meilleurs disques de ce début d'année et parce que ce live est un concert privé organisé par l'excellent site Pitchfork, voici le gros androgyne à la voix d'ange dans "Kiss My Name" : classe !

1 commentaire:

  1. Kiss my name
    Mama in the afterglow
    When the grass is green with grow
    And my tears have turned to snow

    I’m only a child
    Born upon a grave
    Dancing through the stations
    Calling out my name

    Oh mama kiss my name
    I am trying to be sane
    I’m trying to kiss my friends
    And when broken, make amends

    Kiss my name, the curtains white
    The turtle doves embroider light
    As I lie, murdered in ground
    The rain compacting sodden sound
    Of songs I sang the years before
    When it was time to rain
    Upon the coal that I became